Which Wench Are You? Quiz

Part One: Party animal

1: You're having a night on the town. Where are you?

A pub with good beer and great live music.
Anywhere I can dance the night away with lots of people.
Who am I with? What am I wearing? What mood am I in? I need more information!
Well, if I have to be out... A goth night. In a dark corner. Glaring at people.
Like, wherever the cute guys/easy chicks are.

2: You're looking fucking fantastic, of course. What are you wearing?

Skimpy black and fuck-off spikes.
Mascara and cleavage.
Animal print and eyeliner.
The fantastic outfit from last month's magazine.
Feminine, flowy and high heels.
Something classy, but hell, it's just clothes.

3: What's your poison of choice?

Basic beer or mixers
Long Island Iced Tea
Good beer/scotch

4: Time to hit the dancefloor. What's playing?

Backstreet Boys, *Nsync... anything in the top ten.
Heavy industrial, preferably German.
Anything with a decent beat and a bassline.
I don't dance that much... it depends.
If I'm in the mood, anything, as long as I know the song, and there are people on the dancefloor.
Classic 80s rock (of the Booner variety)

5: A guy uses a line on you. What do you do?

Be icily polite until he gets the message and leaves.
*giggle* "I'm so wasted!"
Deliver a snappy comeback that goes completely over his head. (Plan B: wait for rescue.)
I'm usually the one protecting others from that sort of thing.
Smile and politely decline.
Attempt to ignore him as much as possible. If that doesn't work, glare.

Part Two: 'Real' life

6: You're at university (for the sake of the argument). What are you studying?

What I'm really interested in.
Law! I love law! Oh, and some other stuff.
Whatever will make me lots of money when I graduate.
Four-hour labs, three-hours tutes, too many contact hours, and the other components of a science degree.
The stupidity of mankind, as evidenced by various academic fields.

7: You're in a tutorial (or other small class group). What's your style?

I'm not there.
Explain to the person next to me what the tutor's going on about.
Doodle artworks on my handouts and people-watch.
Figure out what opinion the most vocal people have, and oppose it.
I've done the reading, but I'm still really confused.
The stupid will be punished. And God gave me eyelashes for a reason...

8: If you ever do grow up, you'd quite like to:

Take over the world. Or be a high court judge. Or a trophy wife. Or a cat.
I want to stay at university forever.
There's no way I'm growing up.
What's wrong with what I'm doing now?
Career, family, big house in the suburbs... just like my parents.

Part Three: Fun and games

9: Your favourite game (or its nearest relative) is:

On my computer
The ones I watch my boyfriend playing.
Mind games
Tomb Raider!

10: What was wrong with Fellowship of the Ring?

Too many fucking females.
I haven't seen it.
Well, for starters, they left out...
Not much - I'm just such a fantasy geek.
I hate it when Gandalf dies.
I really loved (insert scene), but of course that's scientifically impossible.

11: Who's sexier, and why?

Paul McDermott: in the shower. Oh, I mean singing in the shower.
Joaquin Phoenix: he broods.
Stalin: the man had nukes!
Um, is there a female option?
Tobey Maguire! No, wait... Orlando Bloom. No, wait! Hayden Christensen.
Sean Connery: well duh!

12: While we're at it, what do you find most attractive about a person?

A dark, intense energy.
The body. Phwoar!
Enthusiasm, energy, ambition.
The eyes.
Intelligence and curiosity, charm and sophistication.
A nice personality, someone who makes me laugh... the usual.

Part 4: Accessorising and grooming

13: Big shopping trip time. What's the first store you head for?

I follow the "sale" signs.
Book store.
I only go shopping for a purpose.
The clothing store.

14: From an average shopping trip, you'd come home with:

Daddy's credit card maxed out.
Cool underwear.
Bargains - funky stuff and presents.
A new addition to my wardrobe, and a new book.
What I went to get.
Something funky that I really don't need.

15: Hair:

Pulled back and sophisticated.
Short, funky and dyed. With character.
Whatever's fashionable.
Long, dark and lustrous. Classic.

16: Did you get the memo?

Yes, but not that memo.
It's hard when the memo's always black.
Memos only go in internal mail.
You people are so sad.

17: Male accessories?

Steady, but we've had ups and downs.
I keep a number on a leash.
Yes. No. Maybe.
I like to think of them as my 'harem'.
I'm working my way through the footy team.
We're not married!

Part 5: The important parts

18: How do you take your coffee?

Plentiful. From Jen's room.
I don't drink coffee.
From the coffee machine.
Professionally made with love and effort.
Four sugars.

19: So, how about...

those Mormons
those Al'Qaida codes
those Bananas
that guy
that sporting match.

20: Mrow?


21: Pick one:

Can't decide
Do I have to choose just one?
I don't get it.

22: Famous last words:

*bats eyelashes*
Not in a 'I want to be with him' way.
I can't be arsed.
That's just fucking random.
Of course, scientifically, that's impossible.
We are not the same person.

23: This is question 23.

But that isn't a question.
Wow, already?