TITLE: Shuffle and Deal

PAIRING: Viggo/Bean
RATING: Gen (language)
SUMMARY: Snapshots of a relationship. Draw your own conclusions.

NOTES: The shape of the future, not to mention the fic, depends on you and your choices.

DEDICATION: Happiest of Birthdays to the one who always challenges and inspires me to meta beyond the call of duty, and probably beyond decency and common sense as well. Viva Gloria. May we never be without her spirit.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: This fic comprises six drabbles. I flatter myself they can be read in any order. They are shown to the left by their six titles. They are in alphabetical order. You may click any title you like. Clicking on a title will bring up the text of that drabble. It will also remove the title from the list. Hence, you may click on each title only once. You may continue to click on titles until there are none left.

In this way, you read your way through the story in your own way, your own order, your own path. Enjoy.

At any time, you can reset the whole story by clicking "Shuffle and Deal".