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LOTR Real People Stories Remix 2007

Remix Stories and Authors

Timeline for the remix:

Sign-ups end on the 15th of August
Assignments go out on the 19th of August.
Remixes due on the 30th of September. (Roughly six weeks.)
Stories posted on the 4th of October
Authors revealed on the 11th of October.

From the moderator:

Thank you all very much, authors (who all got their stories in, and mostly on time!) and readers (especially those of you who left comments). I know this was a stretch for many of the authors, and applaud your bravery for trying, and the fantastic stories you've written. Thanks from me and feelforfaith, and the remix founder cupiscent. Our fandom is doing fine!

New tweaks this year:

  • MSilverstar is in charge (which is why this is so late, many apologies), with the wonderful assistance of feelforfaith. Many thanks to Dee for starting this four years ago and still hosting it!
  • The rules have been loosened a bit: you can now make stories AU or start at a different point in the story. Read the rules, please!
  • If you have any questions, ask us by email (lotrips remix at gmail or in one of the many communities (see left menu)

Remember: creativity is everything. This is a challenge. Have fun! (Reconcile these three statements any way you can.)