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Gossip by dee
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Dom didn't know who they were talking about at first. He knew what they were talking about; that was obvious by the hissed whispers, the laughter, even the gestures as he caught them in the mirror occasionally. It was just a gossip session. In fact, Liv had no reason to be in the make-up trailer - she wasn't filming until late this afternoon - except to be talking to Miranda.

He realised who they were talking about when the make-up artist said something about not being able to cover up the lovebite on Miranda's neck, and they'd have to change the script so that someone gave Eowyn a hickey.

"The noble Aragorn would not do such a thing," Miranda remarked, posture and accent pure Eowyn for just a moment, before Liv giggled: "Art imitating life!" and they both dissolved into laughter again.

Dom found he couldn't pay attention to his book any more. In fact, couldn't seem to take his eyes off the faint purpling on Miranda's neck.

"Come on!" Liv begged. "More details. Is he as sexy as he looks?"

Dom tried to find his place in his book.

"Even sexier."

Lost it.

In the mirror, Liv was fanning herself with one hand, laughing again. Miranda leaned closer, said something quiet Dom couldn't hear. Made a vague gesture towards her torso, tilted her chin up to run a finger along underneath her jaw.

The make-up artist made her sit back in the chair, so she had to talk louder: "And he liked it when I said his name."

Liv smirked. "It's a good name to say. Or scream. Or moan." She laughed, and then did just that. Shaped his name in a low moan: "Viggo..." Ruined it by giggling at the end. Dodged the playful smack Miranda aimed at her.

Dom looked up at his own make-up artist. Cleared his throat. "Am I done yet?"

One last look, then a half-shrug. "Sure. Go on and enjoy the sun. It's a beautiful day out there."

"Suppose," he mumbled, climbing out of the chair.

Miranda looked up at him, warm and beaming. "Sorry, are we disturbing you?"

He raised his eyebrows, grinned lasciviciously. "I didn't realise girls talked about this sort of thing."

Liv smacked his leg as he slid past. "It's the fucking twenty-first century, Dom."

Dom laughed until the door closed behind him. And then he stopped.

He told Viggo, much later, in the middle of the afternoon, in a quiet moment in filming. Found himself beside him. Looked up at him nonchalantly, hand shading his eyes, and he still had to squint. "Big night last night?" he asked, forced a trademark smirk.

"Hmm?" Open face, still eyes.

Dom grinned. "The girls were gossiping in make-up this morning."

Viggo laughed. "I'll get a reputation. Casanova of Middle Earth." He walked away.

Dom was left standing, squinting into the sun.