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Quick by dee
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FANDOM NOTES: Base characters from Walt Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean, Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle and Gilbert and Sullivan's Pirates of Penzance. Featuring Jack Sparrow, Jack Shaftoe, the Pirate King, Enoch the Red, Norrington, Eliza, Ruth, Frederick and miscellaneous others. (Insert pairing slashes as the whimsy strikes...)

AUTHOR NOTES: I've only read the first third of Stephenson, I adore G&S beyond the call and I have an inability to not include Sparrington. Considered yourselves warned. Also, I'm writing this for three reasons: 1) the melange of inspiration that was Gloria/Ultraviolet/Europe; 2) for the feedback (hint, hint *cough*); 3) because I suspect that with a very little tinkering it might make good origfic...


Jack be nimble,
Jack be quick,
Jack jump over the candlestick.
(Traditional nursery rhyme)

You shouldn't believe a word of this story.

I'm sure my warning is entirely unnecessary - you weren't going to in any case, correct? Permit a man who no longer takes anything for granted to make certain, however.

It's just them, you realise; it's their nature to be unreliable. Any story involving, let alone told by, those three is automatically half whimsy, and a further third plain lies. Which leaves, I suppose, one part in six to the truth. You can decide which part that might be.

But know this: They are always amongst humanity. No matter where, or when, or how, if mankind is present, then so are They, as natural as fleas on a dog and as impossible to eradicate.

Know this: there are two kinds of people, the quick and the dead. Both walk the earth.

You won't believe me, of course. People never do, if they have not seen it for themselves. But I feel I should say it, just in case.

~ Enoch