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Reviewer: Anonymous Date: 05 March 2007 - 11:35AM Title: Four

Yes, yes! I read this somewhere else long ago and loved it then too. Adult H/D with nothing left out about growing up and still attracted and able to do something about it. You are very talented and I enjoy your writing, which I am reading a lot of today. Thanks!

Reviewer: Cassandra Anonymous Date: 09 September 2005 - 09:18PM Title: Four

And you say you can't write sex. Ha. This read like the best kind of high fantasy novel, with minimal magic and maximum court drama, intrigue at every turn and meanings hidden behind words, double-dealing and diplomacy second nature to all involved, just another set of survival skills. I was enthralled the whole way through, captivated by your characters and your glittering, modern-wizarding world. Speaking of whom; I can tell when you're in love, Dee. Ginny with her glorious hair and sharp-edged charm, full of atittude and dressed in that suit (guh)...I was almost waiting for Draco to fall. I think he might have, if he hadn't already fallen for someone else. She was magnificent and complicated, just perfect. The whole supporting cast was, really - I loved Ron more than I ever have in the books, and of course it was easy to see one of the Creeveys growing up to become that person, still adoring and none-too-independent. Harry and Draco...what can I say? They were perfect. You kept us so out of Draco's thoughts that it was almost a guessing game the entire time; we had hints of what he wanted, what Harry wanted, but we never really knew for sure. Not until the end, and oh, did I ever breathe out a sigh of relief at that. Thank you for the less-than-usually-ambiguous ending, I think this story needed that hope at the end, something to cling to in the face of all of the darkness. Beautiful.

Author's Response: I have been cuddling this feedback to my bosom, my dear. You must know how delighted it made me. (And yes, this is when I made myself fall in love with Ginny. I only kept her away from Draco by promising she could have her way with him in the next story - that became "Eden".) I was a little surprised at the ending myself - you know me! - but it felt right.