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Caribbean Cartography by dee Adult
The unthinkable occurs to the Commodore, and Sparrow's involved. What a su...

Payment in Kind by dee Adult
He wants answers, and has the one thing she needs to bring about the imposs...

Diversion Therapy by dee Adult
There's really only one reason Draco sleeps with Blaise....

All Edge, No Middle by dee Adult
[TMNT] The city's just like the jungle, but there's nothing like Raph....

The Finn Review by dee Adult
[Gilmore Girls] It took Finn a while to remember Logan's name, but then it ...

Story of the Moment
Leaving It by dee Adult
When you're stuck in the middle, there's always more to the story than you ...
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Spam begone
Unfortunately, I've had a sudden attack of spammers in the comment-leaving facility, so I've turned it off, hopefully only for a short while until the spammers fuck off.

I should really redesign this place, shouldn't I?

--Dee on 25 July 2007 - 06:57AM 0 Comments
The moral of the story is: AAAAARGH.

In longer form: There is a big problem with changing over skins in the eFiction upgrade. Soon I hope to have time to conquer this and make the place pretty again. Until then, I fear you will have to put up with things in this rather messy state. Apologies. But at least things are working.

--dee on 23 May 2006 - 04:08AM 1 Comments
over to a new server
After much huffing and puffing and blowing my house down, I hope that I have got this thing working. Fingers crossed.

--dee on 14 May 2006 - 07:00PM 0 Comments