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Thursday, February 20, 2003


Blogger just ate my post. Bitch! Slut! Whore!

I cannot replicate that feat of erudition and insouciant charm. It was unique, completely unparalleled in the world of blogging. It would have started a revolution.

Bollocksed it all up now.

So, I nattered on about the blogmeet, how there were lots of people (but no sex toys, and hence the single 'Berra blogmeet is still in front), how I really enjoyed myself, and how I now think that all Melbourne people are that witty/clever/charming/willing to put up with my random shit. Of course, from here, the town can only disappoint. Although probably not if I only continue to associate with perfectly witty, clever, charming people. Ah-hah! A plan.

I may also have mentioned how I'm starting classes today. Novel 1. Yee-fucking-hah, dudes.

The Male makes my day again: "Bitchin'," I said (he told me), and one of the summer clerks looked at me and said, "you totally can't carry that off." Fuck that. I carry off whatever I damn well please. I sling it over my shoulder and spank it once for good measure.


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